"When you deal with a student take away his garbage and give him essence and height and love, then you are a teacher. That's your duty." Yogi Bhajan


Kundalini Yoga is the main tree of her divine forest.

Unifying, cultures and worlds. Inside, reflecting outside. Divine Radiance.

She received the name “Surpreet Adi Kaur” : the sacred Princess/Lioness who embodies celestial motivation and rejuvenation in the world by connecting to God’s primal infinite energy.


Founder & Facilitator

Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, she is sharing holistic approaches to heal and expand the Self.
Through a journey around the world, she is nourishing her gifts and soul with Mayan traditions, Yogic lifestyle,
Reiki and shamanic perceptions.
"I walk with gratitude on the path of love. It has been opening magical doors, manifesting incredible adventures and pulling me beyond my limitations. Kundalini Yoga is the seed. Through devotion and discipline, my commitment is feeding my freedom, my humility and my peace. This main "tree" is growing in a garden full of diversity. My roots are grounded in curiosity and alchemy. Guatemala and its Mayan Cosmovision are part of my daily life as I am living with the Mayan calendar, expanding my awareness towards the energies of the Nahuales. As I recovered the sense of Unity, every step I take is consciously related to the growth of self love, in me and outside of me. Divine joy and harmony are the intentions I have for all of us. I will listen carefully and totally to the signs of the Universe inviting us to create this world. Feeling blessed to be at service. Embodying the divine. Being an inspiration. "

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